Cover art by @themidjunes

You've been saving up for years to go on a solo trip overseas. What will happen on your adventure full of humour, hijinks, love, and... lost? Where am I?

  • Adventure/comedy

  • Full customization

  • Limelight

  • 2 male + 1 female love interests

  • Optional romance (aromantic options)

  • Free bonus scenes

  • Support + "view the other branch" gems only

  • 12 chapters (COMPLETE)

Cover art by @themidjunes

There's a new serial killer in town. His type? You, the lead detective on the case. You sense a shift in your marriage. Is it you, or does your husband have his own agenda?

  • Thriller/mystery

  • Full customization

  • Limelight

  • Multiple perspective

  • Point system

  • Mini games

  • Support + point top-up gems only

  • 35-40 chapters (ONGOING)

Cover art by @mimozhoa

Collaboration with @coffeeshop.stories

Are you Jeanie? Or are you a genie? A timely twist of fate results in a psychedelic switcheroo. Between wishes and witnesses, these two have got a lot to learn.

  • Comedy/fantasy

  • Full customization

  • Limelight

  • Two main characters

  • Choices matter

  • WLW/LGBTQ+ storyline

  • Support gems only

  • 12-15 chapters (ONGOING)